Welcome to the Newest Chapter

Hello fellow Bookworms! It has been a few months in coming, but I have finally released a blog to go along with my social media accounts. Here on The Professional Bookworm, you will find reviews of books, re-caps of bookstore hauls, writing tips, relatable literature memes, and some samples of my own writing.

My goal here is to enrich our book-nerd community. Of course the world could use more of us!

I plan on posting once every other day, and that should be an easy goal since writing is what I love to do. For more information on me, and my writing, visit the ‘About’ page here on The Professional Bookworm. Make sure to follow The Professional Bookworm on social media as well. Twitter: @_profbookworm_  and Instagram: @_profbookworm_ . 

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post where I will finally get around to talking about books and writing, not just the blog.

-The Professional Bookworm

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