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Antique Stores: the secret hiding places of well loved books

Good afternoon fellow Bookworms. I hope everyone’s days are filled with wise words and well worn pages.

Speaking of well worn pages, yesterday I was able to take some time (and by some time I mean two hours), and explore a local antique store. I’ll be honest, I love Barnes and Noble. I have a book club membership card, and when I get those coupons in the mail, I get excited. Buying a brand new book, that brand new book smell, is a mini Christmas morning for me. However, going into the bookstore giant means I need to be prepared to drop a large amount of money. As much as I love books, sometimes it hurts to hand over that credit card.

So, Over the years I have discovered that antique stores are the secret hiding place of well loved books. The books you can find hiding on the shelves of an antique store are one of a kind! Some boast publishing dates of more than a hundred years ago; meanwhile, some are undiscovered gems from local authors. It may take dedication to hunt through every bookshelf, but it is well worth it in the end.

In this post I am going to take you through my shelf hunting adventures! I walked out of the store with five books for only eight dollars. That is the type of bargain that Barnes & Noble can’t offer. And bonus! You get to take in that old book smell. I know I said how much I love the new-book smell earlier, and I do, but the old book smell is severely underrated.


The final haul included these great titles:

  1. The Five People You Meet in Heaven By Mitch Albom
  2. The Help By Kathryn Stockett
  3. A Thousand Splendid Suns By Kahled Hosseini
  4. Water for Elephants By Sara Gruen
  5. The Three Brothers By Michael McLaverty


I’ve included links to the GoodReads profiles of each of these books, but I’m going to take a moment to talk about them myself.


First of all, I was in awe of these shelves. I’m not very tall, 5’4”, so when I walked into this hallway of towering shelves it was like walking into a cave. I saw Water for Elephants first, a steal at $1. I have never even seen the movie, so I’m excited to venture into this circus tale.

After finding Water for Elephants, I grabbed The Three Brothers. It’s a story published in 1948 about a family’s grieving process after one of their siblings passes away. I love finding books published so long ago, and whenever I’m in an antique store I try to find at least one. Three Brothers is the only book I’ve never heard of on this list, so I’m ready to jump in without expectations.

I read Kahled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner last year, so buying A Thousand Splendid Suns was a no brainer. Hosseini’s stories are moving and beautiful; they can also be scary in a way horror stories can’t be, because these stories could actually happen.

Tuesdays with Morrie was another book I read last year, and it’s author, Mitch Albom, also wrote The Five People You Meet in Heaven. In this story, an old, bitter man dies. However, upon entering the afterlife, he doesn’t find the Garden of Eden. The old man meets five people from his earthly life, and they explain things to him. I really hope this book is full of powerful sentences!

Now, don’t judge me, but I have never read The Help. The book that took the world by storm has never had a place on my shelf. I don’t even have a good reason as to why! For one reason or another, I just never read it. That is going to change. I think The Help is going to be the first book I read from this haul.

The haul!

These five finds are now tucked away in my book shelves, and I can’t wait to crack them open. One of my favorite things about used books from antique stores, is that sometimes their previous owners wrote in them. I’ll be sure to find and share any annotations that appear in their well worn margins.

Have a good weekend Bookworms, and keep reading!


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