Book Signing in the Big City

Hello Bookworms!

Last night I had the incredible opportunity to meet Veronica Roth, author of the Divergent series and her new book, Carve the Mark. It was a sort of last minute road trip to the Chicago area to see this amazing author, but I’m so glad I could make it work.

I’ve been to two previous book signings, one for Scott Westerfeld and one for Allie Condie. Let’s just say, I’m hooked. I am constantly looking for new book signings and author’s panels to go to. An easy way to find out about these events is by following your favorite authors on social media, or checking out their blogs. I’ve included links to some great YA author’s instagram and twitter accounts at the bottom of this post!

So back to the story of how I ended up at the YA author panel in Chicago. I saw a post on Veronica Roth’s instagram. She was talking about Kara Thomas’s newest book: Little Monsters. Thomas was also present at the event, as was author Laurie Devore. Her book, How to Break a Boy is a great read too!

The three authors have apparently been friends for years. Let’s be honest I can’t wait to do an author event with my best writer friends!

When I read Veronica Roth’s post, I immediately called the bookstore holding the event and secured myself a seat. Some bookstores will invoke a policy that to have a book signed you must buy it in the store. Praise God that was not the case last night. My minimum wage job isn’t a big fan of excessive spending on new books.

The signing started at six thirty. I left home a little too early on purpose, that way I could pit stop at a few cute coffee shops along the way. It’s a blog post for another day, but I collect those cardboard sleeves that go around to-go mugs. A quick shout out to Glencoe Coffee Co and Reserve Coffee Roasters for their amazing coffee and friendly baristas!





I arrived at the bookstore at six and explored the shelves for a while. This place had a YA section that made me drool. Each reserved seat was equipped with a few Advanced Reader Copies of upcoming YA releases and some merch to hype up the books the authors would be discussing. I still haven’t decided what to do with my Carve the Mark sticker.

The three authors arrived right on time and got right to talking. There’s something about listening to authors talk about their writing that I just love. I enjoy listening to them say something and realizing that i think the same way, or do the same thing.

The main focus of their discussion was heroines in YA. They were talking about ‘unlikeable’ female characters, and how, recently, it has become okay for female characters to be the bad guy. The time for damsels in distress has run out! I happen to love Veronica Roth’s heroines, despite her saying that they weren’t very nice characters. The authors also talked about their writing habits and publishing processes, their relationships with their editors, and their high school lives. All in all, it was a great time listening to them talk.

When the panel was over, I got in line to have Veronica Roth sign my books. She signed one saying, “Be Brave.” We even got a picture together! I was geeking out. I don’t even think I did a good job of hiding my emotion. So, Veronica Roth, if you ever read this…I promise I’m not crazy, just excited.

I can’t wait to find my next book signing to go to! Attending Bookcon and YallFest are definetly goals of mine, so keep on reading and cross your fingers Bookworms. I’ll try to alert everyone the next time there’s a signing coming to a city near you.

Instagram Bios of the Authors I saw last night:

Veronica Roth

Kara Thomas

Laurie Devore

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