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Happy Birthday J.K Rowling and Harry Potter

Good Morning Bookworms!

Today’s post is a short shout out to the genius that inspired many young readers, J.K Rowling. Today, July 31st is her birthday; it is also Harry Potter’s birthday. Today he would have been thirtyseven.

Let’s be honest, if you consider yourself an avid reader, you’ve read Harry Potter. It is one of the greatest YA achievements, ever. Rowling makes her readers fall in love with her characters over and over again throughout the seven books. The mystery of her plot rolls through each story seamlessly, and it leaves readers shocked when they realise just how much everything connects.

I’ll say it till the day I die. The woman is a genius!

My favorite Harry Potter character is Ginny Weasley. I never understood the fascination with Hermione. Okay, sure, she’s a feminist powerhouse. She told young girls they didn’t have to be the princess, but Ginny did the same thing. Plus, Ginny did it while showing some femininity and normal girlish awkwardness.

Mcgonagle and Sirius are also high ranking characters in the series for me. My favorite Mcgonagle lines include the moment when she praises Harry for being his sassy self with Umbridge. But there are so many things to love about the Harry Potter world. It is almost too hard to pick out single moments.

This Harry Potter world is growing every day! Not only can readers enjoy the original series and the movies, but we now have Cursed Child! If you haven’t read the playwright then I highly recommend it. We also have the new illustrated editions of the books. I own Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in the illustrated edition; I can’t wait to invest in Chamber of Secrets too.

Because the Harry Potter world is so large, we of course have a large fandom. Thank God too, because that provides me with my Gryffindor Quidditch sweatshirt, a Hogwarts tapestry, a Gryffindor snow cap, and a set of socks for each house.

Yes. I’m obsessed.


So Happy Birthday J.K Rowling. Thank you for blessing our lives with these Amazing stories!

And, Happy Birthday Harry Potter, the boy who lived.

1 thought on “Happy Birthday J.K Rowling and Harry Potter”

  1. Wow I thought that the only person who could make me cry is the goddess herself, but thank you. I haven’t cried in six years since finishing Deathly Hollows

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