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Happy Book Lovers Day!

Hi Bookworms, I hope you had an amazing Book Lovers Day! This is our time!

I must say, I had a pretty spectacular Book Lovers Day; despite, the fact that I had some odd circumstances. I was stuck at the hospital for a test most of the day, but that made for some great reading time.

I read a hundred pages of my current read to celebrate this day. How can you not read on national Book Lovers Day? If you haven’t picked up a book today, stop everything, grab your favorite story, and clock a few minutes of uninterrupted reading time.

My Book Lovers Day only got better when I was grabbing coffee after my appointment. I discovered a message from Penguin UK Books on my Instagram. If any of you remember, a few weeks ago Penguin ran a photo contest using the hashtag #bestlovedbook. I posted a photo, link here, of my first favorite read: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. I fell in love with the story when I was ten years old, even though it was a daunting five hundred pages. To my great surprise, Penguin Books decided my post was one of their favorites!

My photo, along with five others, can be seen on Penguin’s website. I am now happily awaiting my Penguin Books coffee mug, sent to me by the publishing house as a gift for posting the photo! Seriously people, posting for contests sometimes pays off. I’m over the moon about this news! I will definetly be showing off the mug when I recieve it.

For my final act in celebrating Book Lovers Day, I thought I would share my top ten favorite books with all you bookworms.


  1. The Outsiders

9.Go Ask Alice

8.The Opposite of Loneliness



5.We Were Liars

4. Little Women

3. The Little Prince

2. Catcher in the Rye

  1. Breakfast at Tiffanys



Okay so Harry Potter sort of recieves it’s own special place. It can’t even be listed because I’m biased. However, my list of favorites is a mix of YA and Classic lit that I always go back to. I may even sneak in The Little Prince before I go to bed tonight, because it’s so short.

So, happy Book Lovers Day Bookworms! Hope it was a great one!

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