Morning Bookworms! 

I recently finished writing a multi-draft poem, something I rarely do. Now I’m in the poetry mood. I figured that means it’s a great time to dive into those verses and rhymes. Let poetry brighten your Friday morning! 

To begin, I’ll say that it took me a while to become interested in poetry. Truthfully, high school English courses kill poetry. I hated analyzing endless lines of Shakespeare’s sonnets in seventh period English. 

Now, I love poetry. I’m not always the best at writing it. Fiction is more of my forté; however,  cracking out a few lines of verse is always fun. It’s a great way to cope with your emotions. Poetry can talk about any emotion your feeling from hate to love. 

So here’s the poem I have been crafting: 

Forgive the few scribbles. I couldn’t bring myself to waste another piece of paper.

Truthfully, it’s about anything you want it to be about. To me it’s about the social pressures to conform to the college lifestyle. 

Some of what inspires me to write poetry are my favorite poets. Check out TS Elliot and Langston Hughes. I’m also a big fan of Shakespeare! 

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