Book Habits

The books people read in airports

Hello Bookworms, hope your Labor day weekend went well.

I had the opportunity to travel over the long weekend. I went to Virginia for a family reunion, and during my travels I noticed something.

Books. Surprised? No I didn’t think so.

People in airports are always reading books. Perhaps it is the lack of internet and data access on airplanes, or the tighter security restrictions on electronics, but people in airports are reading.

Some airports even have second hand bookstores in their terminals. Though these bookstores are often as overpriced as plane tickets, they are convenient. With so many layovers and travel hours, travelers are bound to finish a book or two over the course of a vacation.

While traveling, I was reading a book for my class: Before you Suffocate your own Fool Self by Danielle Evans. It is a compilation of short stories about growing up and living life  as a minority in this country. The stories are gripping and well written. I never mind reading them for homework, unlike some of the assignments I’m given.

Other books I saw pulled out in terminals and on planes included all genres. Some where even destination manuscripts, written about the exotic places travelers were headed.

Some people say that reading is going out of style, but I disagree. And all the evidence I need to back me up can be found in the airports.

I just love seeing everyone with their nose in a book.

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