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Title Refresh

Hi Bookworms!

I’m dusting the dust off my cover and cracking the spine of my books. I’m back! It’s been nearly a year long hiatus since I last posted. I’m so sorry!

So it’s time for a ‘Title Refresh’

No nothing is changing about Professional Bookworm, but I do want to become more active on my platform. Especially now that I am more immersed in the world of books and publishing.

First things first, I published my first book!

The Word Shop Man by Audrey Lee, published with Penit!Publications in May 2018. The book is available on Amazon and online with Barnes and Nobles. Check out the links! It’s a wonderful children’s story about the importance of love.

Secondly, I have an internship this summer!

I am interning with a publishing company in their editorial department. It has been a blast seeing the other side of books. I’ve been able to read through contracts, talk with authors, and put together new title proposals. All good experiences!

Lastly, be on the lookout for new content because I have two new book projects in the works that I’m excited to share with you all.

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