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Book’s Best Mother-Daughter duos

Hi Bookworms! Happy Monday!

I’ve done a few of these book listicles before, and I’ve got to say I’m a big fan. Sometimes I’m in the mood for a certain character, certain theme, or grounding characteristic. Here we have it: All my favoimg_4846rite books that focus on mother-daughter connections.

This past weekend my mom came for a visit, always a good time. When I was younger, my mom never liked to read. She read one book a year, maybe. Now, she reads a lot more often and we enjoyed talking about our summer reading lists this weekend. So far she has read: Becoming by Michelle Obama, The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines, and 8 Seconds of Courage by Flo Groberg.

That got me to thinking, which books do I love best that focus on mother-daughter connections. Here we go:


  • The Mai
    • Okay so I’m starting out by already cheating this list a little bit. “The Mai” is a play by Marina Carr. Carr is an Irish playwright, but the story is too good not to include in this list. If reading lines doesn’t turn you off, pleas31VvBgp6iCL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_e pick this one up! “The Mai” examines the underbelly of mother-daughter relationships. These mothers are examples of unlikeable female characters. They abuse substances, neglect their children, and think selfishly. In the end, I love this play for the light it sheds on families. It’s cyclical, and it reveals an interesting fact about mothers: they are human too.
  • A Girl is a Half Formed Thing
    • This book by Eimear McBride might be difficult to read, both physically and emotionally. It is written in the purest form of train of thought I have ever seen. No one thinks with the words because or furthermore floating around in their head, so neither does this character use them. McBride shows the mother daughter relationship as it ebs and flows between ‘girl’ and her mother. This mother has a tendency to be abusive, and always preferred her son. It manifests into a dangerous relationship with many areas to show love in a toxic environment.
  • Being Audrey Hepburn
    • Finally! A happy relationship between a young girl and a matriarchy. Okay, this book isn’t so much about a mother-daughter connection but a grandmother-granddaughter connection. I think that’s close enough. “Being Audrey Hepburn” by Mitchell Kriegmann paints an entertaining picture that proves just how much we can learn from our elders. Mystery, love, and party dresses are just a few of the places this Hepburn obsessed granddaughter grandmother duo will take readers.
  • Song of Solomon
    • If you have never read “Song of Solomon” by Toni Morrison, go to Barnes and Noble right now. I’m sure it’s not too expensive because this book has been out forever. The relationship between Pilot and her daughter and granddaughter is out of this world. Pilot’s nephew, Milkman Dead, observes them with fantastical dreams of their origins. The family traditions, southern lore, and female empowerment in this book will ground you in settings you’ve never dreamed of exploring.
  • My Sister Rosa26465507._UY1024_SS1024_
    • I’m not sure if this book counts as YA or not, it might. “My Sister Rosa” by Justine Larbalestier does not portray the mother daughter relationship as the main focus. It is very intriguing though. Hiding in the background of what appears to be a story of Che torn between family and love, is Rosa and her mother. A young girl whom her brother believes to be a psychopath and their mother who has a secret that Che never sees coming. This mother daughter duo had me turning pages far into the night to see just how this family would end up.

I never said these books would focus positively on mother-daughter connections. They’re some of my favorites anyway, and I’ve read them at varying times of my life. I read “My Sister Rosa” 3+ years ago. I read “The Mai” a few months ago. As much as I would love to suggest my own mother check out these reads, she’s more into Memoirs.

What about you Bookworms? Is there a mother-daughter duo that you think I missed on this list? Comment! Let me know.


Keep Reading.

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