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Collaborating on a new project

Good Morning Bookworms!


New project are always an exciting time, and this summer my friend and I have been bouncing around a new idea I have for a children’s book. Yes, I am still working on my novel. But where’s the fun in only doing one thing at a time?

Collaborating is great. In my previous publishing experience I went at it alone. There was nothing wrong with that, and I will probably work alone more often than I will with a team. But, that makes this opportunity all the better.


I can write. I can’t draw. My friend is an art student with some serious style, so this past Wednesday we took over the dining room table and read through my draft of the story. She’s in! Right away it was all about page layouts, characters, styles, and everything in between.

While she sketches out some ideas, I went to work at listing out publishers who specialize in children’s books. Not any easy task since my Writers Market 2018 is packed right now, along with most of my library. The list is ever growing. Have a good suggestion of a publisher of well respected children’s books? Leave a comment below!

One of the best parts of working with someone instead of alone is that they can get excited with you. Sometimes when I’m excited about my writing being alone can kill the buzz. I want to throw ideas back and forth, smile, laugh, and clap my hands for joy when something works out. Team work gives you that opportunity.


When it came to illustrations for, “The Word Shop Man” I had minimal inovlement. Woods sent me his pencil sketches and I gave some feedback. He changed them, sent them back, and I approved. What else could I do from an internet connection away. I love “The Word Shop Man” drawings, but I wanted to be more involved in the process.

Only downside of involvement? When you bring your own illustrator to the table, you can’ t query until all the illustrations are finished. That’s okay. I’ll get to spend the remaining days of my summer brainstorming some adorable characters soon to hit shelves near you!

Stay tuned bookworms, as this project keeps chugging along, you’ll get to hear all the stories behind it.

Keep reading xx

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