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Everything is Bigger in Texas, even the Books

Hey Bookworms! I’m back in Indianapolis after a whirl wind weekend, let’s talk about it. I traveled to Dallas TX this weekend for family reasons. Of course, I brought a book.

I’m reading “Where the Crawdads Sing” By Delia Owens. In my best ability to coordinate, this book is also set in the South. So, I started to wonder about all the books set in Texas/the South. Have I read many of them? Here is my list of top recommendations if you are seeking a book with the perfect Southern vibe to it. AND, scroll to the end to see some of my Dallas adventures and recommendations if you’re in the area.

  1. Holes by Louis Sachar: What I always thought of as a childhood, Disney channel movie is also a novel. This story is about Stanley Yelnats and his unjust placement in a boys detention center, digging holes. The book is set in Camp Green Lake, Texas. A coming of age story with southern charms and mystery.

  1. Woman Hollaring Creek by Sandra Cisneros: I have so much respect for Cisneros as an author and a woman. After reading “House on Mango Street” in my college Spanish class, I needed to know more. This book is about immigrant women living on the Mexico-Texas border. Definitely worth a read in our times when Immigration is such a hot topic.
  1. Love Me Back by Merritt Tierce: “Love Me Back” is the debut novel of Tierce, and while I haven’t read this particular novel, it looks stunning. It combines Dallas living with motherhood, drugs, and a woman searching for identity through her early adulthood. I’m excited to pick this one up, and see how the setting can inform this unique character.
  1. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt: Funny enough, my Grandma started telling me about this book while we were on the trip. It is based on true events in Savanah Georgia, and you can go visit the statue featured on the cover. When a murder takes place in this historical town, the statue in the park may hold all the answers. The characters in this book cover all walks of life, the victim, the possible killer, the society ladies, and even the young African Americans watching the news of the death rattle the town.

  1. Sing, Unbaried, Sing by Jesmyn Ward: This is on my reading list for the school year. It’s a story set in Mississippi about a young boy trying to become a man. The southern family values and traditional gender roles play a large role in this book. Between an impriosoned father and a drug addicted mother, Jojo finds hope in another young boy who can teach him all he needs to know about life, love, and what it means to be a good man.


It’s a short reading list for this week, but I wanted to include some photos from the trip. Everything is bigger in Texas! I was born in Dallas, but haven’t been back for 17 years. The Dallas area is now on my list of possible places to move after graduation. Great food, great people, and a great city. Almost too great, it distracted me from my book.

Legacy Hall in Plano TX has 21 food vendors, multiple bars, and a great atmosphere you an’t get anywhere else. Schlotzsky’s our favorite food chain, and my current read on the plane

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