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Do you know about Book Lists?

Hey Bookworms.

Today is a big day, it’s the start of my senior year of undergrad. I’m emotional, so I’m going to calm myself with books. Good solution? I think so.

Have you ever seen the book lists on a publishers website? My personal favorite is Penguin. Let’s talk about it.

I am signed up for email alerts from most major publishers, and my favorite thing about that is getting the book lists. It’s a list, normally between 10-20 books long, that all fall into a certain category. For example: this morning I received the list for books coming out this fall. There are some great titles coming up. Check these out.

Other fun lists include categories for: best by female authors, best by Asian American authors, and even best by left handed authors if you’re really looking for something specific.

Penguin isn’t the only one with lists like this. You can find book lists on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and some other major publishers websites.

I use these lists to build up my “to-be-read” on and I reference them for book recommendations for friends and family. My mother and grandmother both love watching Rachel Maddow on TV. She’s publishing a book this fall, something I learned from this list, so I know what mom and grandma are getting for Christmas!

Check out all the great book lists out there, and you will discover your next favorite book faster and easier than ever. Especially because these lists include links to book retailers.

Keep reading Bookworms xx

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