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Book Review: Paris by the Book

Let me tell you about a few of my favorite things: writers, book shops, Paris, and books that combine all three.

“Paris by the Book” by Liam Callanan engrossed me. I read the whole 300 some pages in two days. While working a part time job and going to class. Ask me if I’ve slept, seriously ask me. I haven’t.

When Robert Eady goes missing, his wife and daughters are left distraught. They don’t know wether to think him dead or alive? Give up hope or keep searching? He leaves a few clues, though. And, he leaves plane tickets for Paris. Paris, where Leah (his wife) has always wanted to go.

In Paris the women go on the search for Robert all while leaving out their wildest dreams: owning a bookshop in Paris and living amongst their favorite stories: Madeliene and The Red Balloon.

Quick Takeaways

Favorite Part- The Madeline book tour

Least Favorite Part- Weird relationship with Declan

Favorite Character- Eleanor

Major Themes- Family, mystery, loss, death, and coming-of-age

I would ld suggest this book to fans of “The Little Paris Bookshop” by Nina George, “Mr. Penumbra’s 24 hour Book Store” by Robin Sloan, and “Jono’s Book” by NAME.

All of these titles offer intriguing stories of mystery, adventure, and most importantly: Books. I really enjoy books about books. There is something satisfying in the inter textuality of these narratives. They devote their plots and characters to the adorations of other plots and other characters.

Books about books validate my feelings as well. I’m thinking, oh good, someone else is as in love with literature as I am. So in love that they would write a whole book about other books and other writers.

I’m not here to spoil the ending, but I encourage you to open up “Paris by the Book” and discover for yourself where Robert went. Is he dead? Alive? In Paris?

xx The Professional Bookworm

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