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Belated Writer’s Wednesday

Hi Bookworms. Today I want to talk about writers block and how to deal with it. Some people don’t believe that writer’s block is real; meanwhile, other writers are plagued by the fox-like problem. Everyone has different ways to cope with writers block. Don’t google “How to overcome writers block” because the amount of information that you will find is overwhelming.

“Sure fire ways to banish writers block” “Seven guaranteed ways to get over writers block” “I did this trick for a week straight and you’ll never guess what happened!”

Aren’t I doing the same thing? Cluttering up the internet with more listicles about writers block? Yes, but at least in my list I’m not going to advise washing dishes or smoking a cigarette. There are scary articles out there people.

I decided to comb through all those google search results to come up with a list of ways that I either practice myself or would consider a good idea.

Here we go!

  • Exercise
    • This is my personal solution to writers block. I workout six days a week. I love to run, and when I run is when I often work out my plot problems. If you see me frantically balancing my running self and my notes app on my phone, don’t be surprised. I just had a break through. I’m trying to type it out before I forget, but gosh darn it I want to break an eight minute mile, so I can’t stop running to type this out! Any type of exercise can be good for this. Get your blood moving. Maybe it’s a distraction or maybe it steam lines your thoughts. Either way, it will help.
  • Read a Book
    • Don’t have any ideas of your own? Read someone else ideas! Especially if it’s in the same genre you’re writing. Please don’t plagiarize, but looking up to someone’s technique or style is very helpful. For example: the thesis I’m writing is a historical fiction about a family coming together for a funeral. My advisor suggested I read “The Gathering” by Anne Enright. A Booker Man award winner from ten years ago. Her work encouraged me to write my piece from first person, something I was struggling with earlier.
  • Talk through your project with someone
    • Whenever I talk to someone about my project, I get excited about it again. This helps if I’m talking to a non-writer. They are in awe of my ability to string words together into stories. Their excitement about my skills is infectious, and it allows me to get more and more excited about character x or y who did this or that. Sometimes when I’m getting excited about it, I feel like I have to start writing again, right then and there.
    • I talk with other writers as well, but that is more when I’m stuck on something technical. How do I create causality between plot point A and plot point B? I’m stuck, sort of like writer’s block. Writers are best for this because they have worthy advice. If I ask my non-writer friends the same question, they’ll stare just as confused as I am!
  • Write something completely unrelated to your current project
    • Let loose. Be free. Look up those ‘first sentence’ style prompts online. Follow accounts like: that give you daily writing prompts. Write 500 words. Get as far away from Jim and Bob and their adventures in Seattle trying to find the witch doctor to cure their love life as you can. Did you like that plot? Gee thanks I was winging it. That’s the goal: wing it. It’s like running the garbage disposal to break up that clog. Break the mental clog!
  • Stop writing for readers and start writing for yourself
    • This is something I struggle with a lot, and my physical fix for it is to write my stories by hand first. There is something about writing by hand that makes the story feel less official. It feels less concrete. When it’s on paper, it’s for me and my own entertainment, because that is why I started writing in the first place: for me. I love to write and sometimes I lose sight of that in the rat race of publication. Publication and all that comes with it is great. But, wether or not I ever publish another book, I will always be writing because i love to write. Re-find that person in yourself.

I hope these tips help you as much as they help me! Writer’s block is hampering the progress on my thesis, so fingers crossed one of these tips helps me out tonight too!

xx Professional Bookworm

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