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Best Books For Heartbreak

Hey Bookworms,

I hope your Monday isn’t too depressing, but if it is I am here to give you an outlet. Books about heartbreak.

We all laugh at the middle aged women reading romance novels with ripped men on the covers, so that is not the list you are reading. These are books of all genres that are here to cure your heartbreak and push you into bigger and better things.

I’m not sure how so many YA books made it on this list. Accept it, plus if you think you’re too old for YA you’re wrong.

Burn his pictures and read a good book girl, it’s cathartic.

  1. Brooklyn by Colm Toibin- This story of a young woman, Brooklyn, immigrating from Ireland to the States. Brooklyn struggles to identify where home really is, common to people going through breakups looking for a new place to put their hearts. Brooklyn falls in love with the son of an Italian immigrant family, and finds out how her idea of home can grow over time. This is the book to read if you need to believe in love again after a heart break.
  2. The Museum of Intangible Things by Wendy Wunder- Grab your best girlfriend and get out of town. While main characters name and name might not be running from ex boyfriends in this YA on-the-road novel, they are running from life’s responsibilities. They are escaping normal. And lets face it, after a break up, you need to escape normal too. Wunder’s 2014 novel follows the teen best friends as they escape their New Jersey town and head West for the unknown. It tackles issues of friendship, mental health, and responsibility that family brings with it. If you liked John Green, read this book. I’m not putting John Green on this list. Don’t cure heart break with John Green, cure it with Wunder.
  3. The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Maton- This summer time story of a Freshman in college, Andi, who doesn’t end up with the ideal summer will show any heartbroken girl that she can turn things around. When something doesn’t work the first time: try try again. Matson’s book is a long one, counting over 500 pages, but hey you need to fill your time now anyway! If you like stories with animals and writers then you’ll fall in love with Andi’s unexpected summer.
  4. Everyday by David Leviathon- If you think you had a complicated relationship, then meet A. A wakes up in a new body everyday, but one day while in the body of Justin, A meets Rhiannon. Rhiannon and A can make even the hardest of situations work out for the best. Fans of sweet romance mixed with magical realism will love this novel.
  5. Wild by Cheryl Strayed- I have become a big Cheryl Strayed fan over the past few weeks, and her experience with relationships is relatable for any love situation. Wild is Strayed’s memoir that deals with themes of loss, love, and shattered relationships (both relational and familial). Strayed will make you feel like there is someone in your corner and you aren’t going through this alone.

Hope this books help your heart break Bookworms.

xx The Professional Bookworm

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