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All the Social Media Need to Follows For Writers

Hey Bookworms! Today I want to introduce you all to some of my favorite accounts on social media for all things books, writing, and publishing.

Of course, I have two accounts for everything: The Professional Bookworm and my private account. I don’t follow many bookish accounts with my personal social medias because when I’m online with those accounts I want to see my friends updates and posts. However, my Professional Bookworm account is flooded with fabulous follows to inspirational accounts.

Let’s start with publishing:

If you are in the process of publishing, querying, or writing a manuscript, it’s important to have a social media presence. For example: if you are going to query an agent, look them up on twitter. See what they’re doing with their careers and lives right now, it could help you gauge when to pitch the manuscript to them. Here are some of my favorites:

  • The obvious accounts to follow are the corporate social medias for publishing houses.
    • Penguin Random house, Simon and Schuster, HarperCollins, Graywolf, Milkweed etc
  • After that I follow some of the specific imprints of different companies
    • Ex: Penguin Teen, Penguin Books UK, Viking, Amazon, Algonquin
  • Profiles that revolve around books are on this list as well
    • Publishers Weekly, Goodreads etc
  • Finally, specific employees of the publishing houses. I won’t list them here, but go through the agency or publisher you are querying too and look up their people on twitter! Almost everyone has a twitter, and if you give them a follow then it’s one more time they see you’re name.

Next, books:

If you want to follow accounts that are all about books, characters, reading, and fandoms then here are a few ideas that could expand you’re library:

  • Follow Bookstores. They are always posting their newest finds or most popular buys.
    • Books-A-Millino, Half Priced Books, Barnes and Nobel, The Strand Bookstore etc
  • You’re favorite authors! This will fall into the category of writing as well, but writers love to post about their books that have already published. They post great photos and talk about how their writing is going on Twitter all the time.
    • Victoria Aveyard, Scott Westerfeld, Stephen King, Jodi Picoult etc
  • A few of my personal favorite bookish instagram accounts are: @bookishtimes @bookish.beautiful and @

And for Writing;

Whether you are looking for writing prompts or relatable tweets from writers, its important to extend your writing community to the online world as well. Even if someone isn’t writing across the table from you at Starbucks, there are people writing across the internet from you.

  • Follow “writing.prompt.s” on Instagram. They post daily writing prompts as well as feature some writers who have answered those prompts!
  • Again, follow you’re favorite authors because they will talk about writing a lot, on Insta and Twitter. These writers are looking for an outlet too!

With all of these accounts to follow, you’ll never run out of writerly or bookish content! Go saturate your news feeds with bookworm things!

xx The Professional Bookworm

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