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The Christmas Book Haul

Is it any surprise if I say that books are the best Christmas gift? No, of course not.

Picture it: you pick up a rectangular, thin package wrapped in reds and greens. It’s dense, and you’re smiling from ear to ear still pretending that you don’t know it’s a book. What other gift feels like this? Of course it’s a book. You tear open the paper and reveal a shiny, embossed cover. Maybe it’s from your favorite author. Maybe it’s a brand new release. Maybe it’s that book you’ve been saying you need to read for years, and maybe it’s a title you’ve never heard of from your most trusted bookworm friend.

This year I got five new titles to add to my collection. Some are from new authors, others are classics, and some follow the trend in my most-likely-to-love plots.

Let’s check these out!

First on the list is “The Last Book Party” by Karen Dukess. This one is a quick read of less than 250 pages. It falls within the adult fiction category and has hints of bildungsroman, love, and realistic fiction. The main character, Eve Rosen, is working in publishing but hopes to be a writer one day. She joins a group of writers and publishers on a vacation in Cape Cod that turns her world upside down.

Book review coming soon to The Professional Bookworm.

Next up is “The Age of Innocence” by Edith Wharton. I can’t believe I haven’t read this book yet. It’s a staple classic that most bookworms have read by now. But, since I hadn’t gotten around to it, one of my good reader friends gave me the book. It’s another shortie: my copy is 229 pages. The story is about a young woman in the socialite circle of New York City in the late 19th Century. It’s a satirical take on love at the time, Jane Austen would have loved it, I’m sure.

My third book is, “Sourdough or, Lois and Her Adventures in the Underground Market” by Robin Sloan. Have I ever mentioned how much I love Sloan’s other novel: “Mr. Penumbra’s 24 hour Bookstore” I LOVE THAT BOOK. I know it’s been featured on the Instagram account, so go check out the creative cover. ‘Sourdough’ as I will so lovingly refer to this Sloan title is under 300 pages. It’s a mix of realistic fiction and mystery that I’m so excited to dig into.

A book review will definitely be in order for this title as well.

“Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore” by Matthew Sullivan is the book that falls within my taste range. It’s a mystery, set in a bookstore, about a bookworm/writer. Have you read my review for “Paris by the Book”? If not, see that post! I’m hoping this book is just as good as the other. I love mysteries set in bookstores with writers as the portagonists. Sullivan’s book is 326 pages, soft cover. I think it’s next on my reading list in general so expect feedback soon!

Finally, I bought “The Leavers” by Lisa Ko. I’m ashamed that I haven’t read this book yet. I’ve even met Lisa Ko, and it took me this long to buy the book. I read excerpts two years ago with all the intentions in the world to pick up “The Leavers” because I loved what we read in class. Oh well, I finally made good on that. Ko’s book is about Deming/Daniel, a young asian immigrant child/young adult who’s mother disappears one day and leave him to the care of the child protective system. When he’s an adult, Deming/Daniel must decide if he wants to know the fate of his long-gone mother.

So there you have it bookworms! I’m so excited about all these new titles that are now on my reading list and looking pretty on my shelves. Check out the instagram for cover shots and stay tuned on the blog for a book review of some of the newer titles.

I’m already part way through “The Leavers” fingers crossed it lives up to my expectations.

xx The Professional Bookworm

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