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Book Review: Tiny Beautiful Things

Last semester my workshop credit was for Creative Non-Fiction. As I’ve talked about in other posts, it turned me into a bit of a Creative Non-Fiction junkie. I’ve written lots of Creative Non-Fiction this year, read lots of the genre, and I’m even a Creative Non-Fiction editor now.

My professor from workshop gifted me Cheryl Strayed’s amazing book: “Tiny Beautiful Things”. I read an excerpt from this book for class the day after a big break up, and it felt like the lines were written specifically for me.

“Sometimes you have to be brave enough to break your own heart.”

I’m going to paint that on all my walls. Set reminders in my phone. Keep Post-it-notes in my car. I need to hear that, and I really needed to hear it the day after my breakup. I’m over emotional, so I cried. Noticing a pattern in these book reviews yet? All these books are making me cry!

“Tiny Beautiful Things” is a collection of advice columns written by Strayed under the pseudonym ‘Sugar’ with Rumpus Room. Rumpus Room is an online publication that covers everything from opinion to arts to well anything. It’s sort of like BuzzFeed but with better content.

After Strayed stepped down as Sugar, “Tiny Beautiful Things” was published to collect the best fo the columns. If you re between 16-30, you will find something poignant and appropriate to your life. As a woman in her young 20s, I found so so so many columns that related to things I’m going through now.

Quick Takeaways:

Favorite Column: Write like a Motherfucker

Least Favorite Column: Beauty and the Beast

Best One Liners from Strayed: “The best thing you can possibly do with your life is to tackle the motherfucking shit out of love.”

“We all love X, but want to fuck Z.”

“Trusting yourself means living out what you already know to be true.”

I’ll be honest, even writing a ‘Least Favorite Column’ was difficult, because even if I’m not married but questioning my sexuality…having children…getting divorced…I could still find little things to relate to in the column.

It’s not necessary to read this book in order, though I did. You can 100% pick it up, open to a random page, and read the column waiting for you: like a game.

The book is split up into five different sections: 1) It was Always only Us, 2) Whatever Mysterious Starlight that Guided you this Far, 3) Carry the Water Yourself, 4) You Don’t have to be Broken for Me, 5) Put it in a Box and Wait.

Does one sound more akin to your struggles than another? Start there.

Put this book on your 2020 reading list. Now.

Keep Reading Bookworms xx

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