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Fiction Friday 1/24/20

Happy Friday Bookworms! I wanted to bring you some poetry this Friday. I know, it’s not fiction. But, I have been trying to expand my poetry repertoire. Enjoy these few selections from my poetry notebook!

Hold Me Up

You smile when I ask, 

so I will ask again: 

Hold me up?

I have two legs, 

but I don’t like the ground anymore. So,

hold me up?

Grab onto me and lift me and squeeze.

Hold me up. 

I never want to know my knees scraping harsh ground. 

The air is kinder up here. 

I like the view from up here. So, 

hold me up?

I don’t want to come down 

or move around. 

It’s safe up here. 

It smells like somewhere I could call home up here. 

So please, 

hold me up. 


Let’s mistake chemistry for friendship.

Hold hands and walk into the sinking moon. 

It’s dark and we can pretend

to say words our unaffected minds would never allow. 

Don’t stop me. 

Lift my hopes to the stars,

only to drop me in the morning. 

We can play pretend

until age overrides pride. 

One day maybe

one day,


I’m not saying never. 

I’m just mistaking friendship for chemistry. 

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