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Writer's Wednesday: Shouldn't I be Writing?

Hi Bookworms!

This shut down should be a writers paradise. I have no distractions. I have no work (because by day I work as a lifeguard and the gym is closed). I have no movie theaters or public entertainment to go spend time at. I’m tired of looking at screens.

So WRITE. Right?

This should be a young writers prime time. Older writers, maybe more experienced writers, have kids to take care of at this time or other family members who rely on them. Me? I’m pretty self sustaining and independent.

But I’m not writing.

Okay. I’m writing this blog and I’m journaling, but I have an unfinished thesis sitting right next to me on the counter that I haven’t touched in a week. Why not?

My best guess is that I have too much time. I know, never satisfied. But, with unlimited free time my brain assumes that I will always be able to do it later. At least I’m reading books still. Not just staring at Twitter. Okay. I’m doing a lot of that too.

I need a schedule. Any advice writers and bookworms? Trust me. I’ll update you with progress. Share your struggles with writing during Coronavirus in the comments!

In the meantime…here’s my progress on making sure I’m writing.

Monday: Wrote a blog post and wrote a poem

It’s not much but it’s a start, a positive beginning of the wave of my week.

Tuesday: Wrote a blog post, journaled, and free wrote a potential short story for fiction Friday

More writing. Yay! Now I need this wave to crest today, Wednesday. So here is today’s goal.

Wednesday: Write at least ten pages on my thesis.

There. Now it is spoken into existence. I’ll keep you posted Bookworms.

xx The Prof Bookworm

1 thought on “Writer's Wednesday: Shouldn't I be Writing?”

  1. Good luck with your 10 pages. Maybe if you make your writing exciting you will be more productive during this time: a latte next to your computer, the best chair in the apartment, pajamas on and bra off, healthy snacks next to your textbook, stuff like that.

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