Fiction Friday

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Time Bomb

I decide to leave the apartment on Mifflin Street when the walls inch so close together that my two boxes are collapsing in on themselves. The wait for Lucas to call, I decide, can’t be weathered indoors for any longer. I know that if my phone rings while I’m inside, the house will explode. The… Continue reading Time Bomb

Room 308-A

If I have to watch one more girl stand in front of this mirror and pick at her pretty face, I’m going to die. Again. I’m not even sure that’s possible.  A tall Junior, leans over the stained marble sink so the edges of her butt are visible under her short dress. Her face is… Continue reading Room 308-A

Ad Tracking

Ad Tracking What about this one, I think while the loading sign looms over the top corner of a photo. A generation five, LX23 silver/red blender.  In Stock. $49.99 The trail started with online grocery shopping. To silverware. To tea pots. To blenders. It’s one thirty in the morning and I should be asleep, not… Continue reading Ad Tracking

Elm Street

Elm Street Carolyn sat at the dining room table alone. She didn’t bother to make Luke a plate for dinner, the past few months taught her better than that. Even when he said he’d be home for dinner, he wouldn’t be. So, Carolyn pushed uneaten peapods across her plate in an attempt to stimulate her… Continue reading Elm Street

Passion For Today

The landscape of Athens Ohio looked the same today as it did in 1996. Back then I was seventeen. I had wishing green eyes that widened when I heard my favorite song,  and I was ready to leave the city of Athens behind me forever. Forever, or until Thomas and I graduated college and wanted… Continue reading Passion For Today

Unit #5

Maud tipped back the last of the bottle. They didn’t allow drinking in the Student Board Offices, but in her final days before graduation, Maud figured, what the heck. What were they going to do, she wondered, revoke her degree? She remembered opening her congratulations email from the university, “Graduating class of 2046!” Her parents… Continue reading Unit #5

1965: Their Kiss

         “Last week of the season,” the big boss man announced when the employees gathered before opening time.          Sweet shack girls in their yellow polos and khaki shorts, along with lifeguards, a recent addition to the team, and pool boys. The guys who kept chlorine levels right and screws on the slide tight filled… Continue reading 1965: Their Kiss

Snow Storm

Kyler’s life is very different than mine. It didn’t used to be. We used to eat lunch at the same Deli on Saturdays and be each other’s partners when Jamie wanted to go it alone in Euchre.